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Southern California Level 2 Incentive Project

Special funding toward the purchase and installation of eligible electric vehicle (EV) chargers is now available.

Only for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties

Level 2 chargers are now available

Up to $6,000 per connector


$23 million in rebates available now. Apply today.

This project is implemented by CSE for the California Energy Commission

unnamed - EV-SEg | We provide turnkey solutions to your EV charging needs Incentive Program

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Rebates are only available until it runs out.

Eligible rebates for Level 2 chargers:

Elegible funding for level 2 chargers Amount per conector
Base funding Up to $3,500, or 75% of project costs, whichever is less
Disadvantaged Community (DAC) or Low Income Communnity (LIC) Additional $500
Multi-Unit dwelling (MUD) site Additional $2,000


Apply directly with one of our certified EV-SEg specialists

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Is your business located in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) or Low-Income Community (LIC)?

Disadvantaged Communities and Low-Income Communities are areas within the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties  which experience the most hardship from a combination of economic, health, and environmental factors. In support of the development of these communities and their future, funding is now available to these target areas. Your business could qualify for additional funding.  

We’ll check if your business qualifies for additional funding today, it only takes a minute and one of our certified EV specialists will help you every step of the way!

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Rebates apply toward cost of EV chargers and installation by EVITP approved contractors and state-certified electricians

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Enel X chargers provided by EV-SEg include:

3 year commercial


Full back-office/grid

support 24/7

LCFS reporting

and processing

UL certified & energy efficient

UL, cUL and Energy Star certified

Industrial-strength design

Durable, compact and weatherproof for outdoor and indoor installations


Compatible with all-electric vehicle models

High charging speed

Up to 80kW


Grid-connected stations reduce your charging costs and let you access utility and state EV incentives

Flexible installation

Designed to accommodate a range of installation options (hardwire, wall mount, or pedestal mount)

Powerful asset management software

Allowing you to control your stations from an easy-to-use dashboard, and quickly onboard users and set charging prices

As more drivers go electric, smart EV chargers are becoming a must-have amenity for workplaces, businesses, apartments buildings, and condos complexes. A fully-networked, grid-responsive charging stations maximize your EV infrastructure investment and provide access to best-in-class EV charging to customers, guests, and employees. All EVPS of California and Enel X commercial smart chargers also qualify for the Southern California Level 2 Incentive Project and provide unbeatable value to property and business owners, enabling businesses to efficiently reach their sustainability goals while creating new revenue streams.


Enel X charging stations are perfect for:

Smart Robust Site Management

EVSE asset management

Configure and tailor user groups, access, and payment options for your EVSE asset portfolio.

Energy cost optimization

Reduce operating costs by controlling and capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.

Robust admin dashboard

Access historical charging activity and monitoring your portfolio of EV chargers in real time.

Detailed reports

Charging data  available for billing and monitoring purposes; export reports in PDF, CSV, XLSX.

Seamless driver experience

Intuitive JuiceNet app allows drivers to control, monitor, and pay for their charging sessions. 

Generate new revenue

Collect charging payments through mobile app or create invoices from reports.

EV-SEg guides you
through the process.

From submitting the application to ensuring your site is approved to funding to completion of your project. We are here to help ensure your business starts generating new revenue streams with the space you already have.


The smoothest possible experience and we’ll take care of any data reporting requirements for the utility program.


Trusted uptime with certified hardware and deep software integration ensuring optimum uptime and relialibity.

24/7 Support

Help when you need it – day or night, from installation to maintenance, for you and your drivers.


Apply directly with one of our certified EV-SEg specialists! 

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Why EV Chargers

We help businesses, government agencies, utilities, automakers, and EVSE suppliers take advantage of the benefits smart charging infrastructure affords.

Prepare for an electric vehicle future and increase long term property value.

Enhance costumer satisfaction & reach your sustainabilty goals.

Optimize energy costs by controlling vehicle charging times and demand charges. 


Boost revenue by monetizing your EV charging stations.

Access infrastructure  incentives and increase grid reliability while supporting EV adoption.

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